The Blueprint for a Better Home Repair and Rebuild Experience Has Arrived

After a natural disaster, policyholders need guidance and contractors need upfront funding for repair and rebuild projects

Get Funding Faster, Complete Repair and Rebuild Projects Quicker

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

"Captain got an adjuster to my house when State Farm wouldn’t and matched me to an Approved Contractor. They made my first claim easy."
Laura Nunnely
"What Captain is doing is so important, because we could have saved so much time if we had just known some of the details after we lost our home to the Marshall Fire."
Emily Devoto
"Captain derisked the entire transaction for us after a hail storm. It was as simple as picking the color of the shingles."
Jerry Valentine
"Captain caught a document that I wasn’t completing that my state requires to preserve my lien rights. I wouldn’t have known otherwise."
Luck Roofing
"Captain stepped in when a necessary code upgrade could have derailed construction. Their funding was paramount to our completion."
Rocker Roofing
"I've been looking for something like Captain for years. Because getting paid from insurers is time consuming and hard."
DFW Home Improvement

Repair contractors want to focus on what’s most important – the project at hand. Let Captain take the lead on everything else. Through our easy-to-use app, we:

  • Manage payments to salespeople, sub-contractors, and others.
  • Provide legal paperwork that protects all parties.
  • Track the cost of materials, supplies, and labor.

That means less phone calls, less emails, and more time to grow your home restoration business.

How Captain Helps Policyholders

When your home is damaged during a devastating natural disaster, it can be difficult to know what to do in the aftermath. Let Captain be your guide. We help homeowners all over the country with the home repair process. We:

  • Manage the relationship between your contractor and your insurer.
  • Provide payment plans for your deductible.
  • Offer extended warranties on your home repairs.

That means less phone calls, less emails, and more time to grow your home. And we can connect you with our network of vetted, respected, Captain-approved contractors. We’re here to make your disaster recovery process easier.

Captain Uses Tech to Streamline Disaster Recovery

A single natural disaster can damage hundreds of homes in an instant. Increasingly, there are multiple climate events per week. Current processes cannot keep up with the volume. Our technology allows us to quickly evaluate claims, distribute capital, and process data at the scale disaster recovery efforts demand.